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Saiyan Fighter: Dragon Goku

Saiyan Fighter: Dragon Goku

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  • Required Android: 1,000+
  • Installs: 91M
  • Published/Updated Date: November 20, 2018

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Saiyan Fighter: Dragon Goku is born from what makes the DRAGON BALL series so loved and famous: endless spectacular fights with its all-powerful fighters.A lengendary battle for all over 12 universe between Saiyan z vs other best warriors. When kakaro and veget try to practice and achive the limitbreaker. Collect all the heroes, gear and special skills in the world. Start new journey and explore the unknownworld.
Saiyan z when all stars from 12 universe with the saiyan appear in one tournament. Light x Dark are fighting. Are you fan of , Goku, Vegeta, jiren, Beerus Android 18 or God of Destruction to find the champion. Songoko or his friend can beat mystic Legendary Super Saiyan or other god of 12 universe to decice the earth's safe. There will have many transform ssj, ssgss of both saiyan and non-saiyan. When all dragon fighter z aretraining many times to fight the final battle.
Dragon Goku do you want to be the strongest saiyan or instict ultra god of 12 universes.
Saiyan Goku all warrior will join a tournament in namek to choose who is the best warrior.
Saiyan DBZ all goku 's friends will join and fight for peace : vegeta, cell, freeza,
Kaiƍshin, Iwne, Awamo, Cukatail, Ogma, Liquiir ,Korn, Geene ,Zalama, Super Shenron , Zen'o ,Grand Priest,
Goku Black, Babidi, Dabura, Trunk, Zamasu, Haru and Maki, Majin Buu, Beerus, Whis
More than 200 original manga heroes! Fight with the strongest fighters of the galaxy!
- over 80 saiyan and friend characters.
- Play in super cool HD graphics with amazing battleeffects
- combat with many mode 1v1, 3v3, teamvs and cpu battle.
- Extreme Final Flash : special attack techniques and signature by vegeta SSGSS.
- Kaioken X10 : super power up techniques by goku SSGS
- training to get more skill and unlock over 120 secret combo.
- Thrilling Online Features
- Ultimate Warriors
How to play
- Move, Attach, KI Blast, Teleport, Block, Power
- TAB Attach to combo.
- Power + Attach: super attach
- Power + KI Blast: super ki skill, Kameha, Spirit Bomb,
- Power + Block: make counter attach
Let' Download Saiyan Fighter: Dragon Goku game in 2018

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