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Robots Warriors vs Jurassic Dinosaurs Battle

Robots Warriors vs Jurassic Dinosaurs Battle

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  • Required Android: 500+
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  • Published/Updated Date: October 11, 2018

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Robots Warriors vs Jurassic Dinosaurs Battle 2019 is a unique robot dino battle game in which you will enjoy the battle of deadly dinosaurs species with lethal robots warriors. The theme of this game is based on pre-human times, when there was no human being on the planet earth. Only dinosaurs were ruling here, suddenly a spaceship arrived there and destroyed the dinosaurs’ world.

Before the attack of robot warriors, various dinosaurs species were living on the earth. The whole planet was captured by dangerous dinosaurs that didn’t allow any other creatures to survive in their presence. Those dino beasts were spread in the dense forests, hot deserts and on various beaches. Flying dinosaurs and water dinosaurs were the most dangerous species of Jurassic dinosaurs. Those monster dino didn’t spare any creature, they have viciously finished all the creatures of the earth.

Then one day a robot spaceship arrived on the earth for establishing their colonies, but they found that they could not build any colony in the presence of this monster creature. Those robot shooter warriors wanted to keep themselves safe from robot dinosaur destruction, so they started grand war operation for eliminating all the dinosaurs from the planet earth. Those fighting robots searched for each dinosaur and killed them one by one unlike other best dino games and even crushed dino bones. They don’t care about dino jumping or their lethal attacks, they just wiped them out from the surface of the earth.

Robots warriors started the battle with proper planning, unlike other best robot fighting games. You have to play this dino game as a robot warrior for eliminating the dead dinosaurs from the earth because they have disturbed the whole ecosystem. You being as robot fighter have to go in different parts of the world for starting your dino war. Start your robot battle game from the forests, some anchilosauro and brachiosaurus may be hidden in bushes or in water, you have to find them and shoot them on the spot for your survival.

Rhamphorhynchus are flying high in the air, they may attack you any time. So you have to be alert all the time by the spooky dinos, they may ambush on you. Always keep the correct weapon with you for your survival during dinosaur fight. You have to be the best marksmen robot for playing such war games. You have to be very careful while crossing the water lake some dimetrodon dinosaurs may be hidden in the water and you one mistake may lead to deadly results.

There are three modes in this dino robot fighting game, forest mode, desert mode and seaport mode. In each mode there are different species of dinosaurs are lurk for attacking you. Some dinosaurs are very strong, they can only be killed by specific or bullet hit their week body parts like lungs, heart or head. So read the objective carefully for completing all the challenging missions on time. In some missions, you may require to take the only headshot, so if you take body shot or lungs shot then you may fail in your mission. Some missions will be completed by the specific guns asked in the objective dialogue. If you are in higher mission with low specs guns then you would not be able to complete that mission. So select the designated weapon for completing the game.

*** Features of Robots Warriors vs Jurassic Dinosaurs Battle ***
* Multiple challenging modes
* variety of dinosaurs species
* latest robots
* variety of deadly weapons
* realistic 3D HD environments
* real physics-based controls of all robots
* genuine animations
* real shooting effects
* amusing sounds
* compatible with the vast range of devices
* realistic water effects
* real dino shooting game
* best dino robo shooting game

Just tap the install button to enjoy next level battle of warrior robots and deadly dinosaurs.

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